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How To keep EXIF information?



Free HEIC Converter – Bitwar HEIC Converter software provides a lot of features for users. One of the highlights is to let users decide whether to keep their images’ EXIF  information before converting them to other formats. EXIF is an abbreviation of the exchangeable image file. It can record the attribute information and shooting data of the digital photo.

EXIF can be added to JPG, HEIC and other formats to add content about digital camera shooting information and version information of index map or image processing software. So with the tutorials below, you can learn how to save EXIF information during the conversion. It is effortless and straightforward!

Steps To Keep EXIF Information

Before continuing with the tutorial, please download Bitwar HEIC Converter from the official website: https://www.deliheic.com/. Then, connect your phone and upload the photos you want to convert into your computer.

Step 1.  Launch the software and click “Add File” at the main interface to add the images you want to convert into the software.

Add File

Step 2. After you finished adding your files, on the right side of the interface, you can see the options menu “Keep EXIF Info.”

keep EXIF info

Step 3. After completing the setting, click “Convert” and your images will be successfully converted into the format settings you want! You can open and view the quality of the images in the output directory folder.

convert HEIC

We hope the tutorial above is helpful to all of the you. If you have futrther problems or issues, please feel free to contact our customer support. Thank you for using Bitwar HEIC Converter!

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